For Sale Plot 624 sq.m.

624 sq.m.

Property Description

In the lovely village of Karavados in a beautiful location just 1.5 km from the beach of St. Thomas, is this plot of 624 square metres, which overlooks the island of Zakynthos and Mount Ainos.
The plot has planning permission issued for a 175 square metre, three-storey building with basement and cover is about 104.16 m
More details of the planned property include:
A) Underground garage and storage area of 82.90 square metres
B) 1st Ground Floor with independent apartment of 21.26 square metres
C) 2nd Ground Floor & 1st Floor with an area of 88.81 square metres and 64.95 respectively, which make up a two-level house with spectacular panoramic views.
The existing license allows for a partial change of plans to be registered. Amendments are relatively quick and simple to make.



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